It deals with the title of a completely new concept that I could also name "numerigraphy". It means a modern technique which consists in reproducing a work on paper through a digital medium. This medium allows to reach a matchless quality.
             Presented framed and mounted undergrab, it exists in different sizes. So great are the final results that it becomes difficult to differentiate it from the original paper, but only by the size. In a certain way, the "numerigraphy" replaces the lithography which has to shelved indefinitely because of the constant evolution of technology. This is a truly up market work !
            Me and Stephane have worked on this "new concept" in order to satisfy the constant growth of demand of my original there by unique works. Therefore, they can now be acquired in a limited number and much cheaper than the real ones.
            Moreover, I would like to apologize for not transcribing all your kind messages in the guestbook on my website but they are to many of them.

            Thank you for your welcome that goes straight to my heart.


                                                                   Isabelle de Kervalec


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